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Welcome To The VRX Fishing Products Website

Whether you are tournament fisherman, a Weekend Warrior or an occasional angler, we have products that protect your gear and keep your rods from tangling.


We are best known for our very popular Rod Glove fishing rod sleeves, which feature:


Our products are used by more professional anglers than other brand on the market.

Here is a list of just some of our pro staff:

  • Gerald G-Man Swindle (Bassmasters)
  • Brent Ehrler (Bassmasters)
  • Dave Wolak (Host of Carolina's Perfect Cast)
  • Gary Dobyns (Lifetime Leading Money Winner on the West Coast)
  • Greg Bohannan (FLW)
  • Chad Morgenthaler (Bassmasters)
  • Jordan Lee (Bassmasters)
  • Paul Mueller (Bassmasters)

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