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THE ROD GLOVE WRAP UP 2012 BASSMASTER CLASSIC EDITION Story By Dave Rush Shreveport, LA – The 2012 Bassmaster Classic is in the books for Rod Glove pro staff members Gerald Swindle and Jared Lintner. Although the final results weren’t what either angler was hoping for, congratulations are still in order for a good showing on a very tough Red River. With conditions on the river changing daily, it was very difficult for anglers to execute a game plan to perfection with all the variables that were being thrown at them throughout the event. While mild temperatures were the norm for much of practice, anglers were faced with an early spring cold front and fluctuating water levels that made competition days tricky at best. Add to the mix backwater areas that were almost impossible to access, acres of prop eating stumps, and the always difficult locking situation and you had yourself quite a tournament on your hands. Rod Glove pro Jared Lintner went into the event with a calm confidence, after finding some things in practice that played to his strengths, and was looking forward to day one. Things did not go as planned for Jared on Friday, and he ended up two fish short of his limit and weighing in 6-8 on day one of the Classic. Bouncing back on day two, and making a valiant effort at getting into the cut to fish on Sunday, Lintner brought a limit to the scales which weighed 12-5. Although ultimately that would not be enough to allow Jared to fish on day 3, it landed him in 35th place only 5-0 out of 25th place and making the cut. Alabama pro Gerald Swindle didn’t get off to the start he anticipated on day one, but was able to manage a limit that weighed 8-12. Knowing that he had an uphill climb to get back into contention and make the cut, Swindle pushed hard on Saturday but came up just short of making the cut and fishing on Sunday. Gerald brought four fish to the scales on Saturday that weighed 13-6, including a 6 pounder that excited the Shreveport crowd. Ending up a mere 11 ounces from making the cut in 28th place, Swindle was disappointed but knew that he had left everything out on the water on day two trying to make it to Sunday. With the 2012 Classic in the rear view, both Lintner and Swindle will be hitting the road to Florida soon where the Bassmaster Elite Series kicks off its regular season on the St, Johm’s River. Stay tuned for more updates on The Rod Glove pros as the season unfolds and we see who will be crowned Toyota Tundra Angler Of The Year.